Mucinous Cyst

Are There Any Threats Caused By Mucinous Cyst ?
The mucinous cyst is a fluid –filled sac like structures that are commonly found in the inner side of the lips. These cysts are usually painless and contain clear fluid. Even though they are painless, they cause irritation to the people and are bothersome. The mucinous cyst is believed to be caused by some irritation to the lip membrane like getting sucked between the teeth. Mucinous cyst is quite harmless but if untreated they may remain as a permanent irritating bump inside the mouth.

Mucinous Cyst Symptoms and Areas affected
They appear as thin bluish sac on the inner side of the lips. This painless sac also appears on the palate, tongue, cheek membranes, on the floor of the mouth, gums and around the lip or tongue piercings. When this mucinous cyst occurs on the floor of the mouth they are called Ranula. When the mucinous cyst appears on the gums it is known as Epulis. The alternative names of mucinous cyst are Mucocele and Mucoretention Cyst. If the mucinous cyst becomes uncomfortable, contact a health care provider and get it examined. They will help you to get rid of the problem. To avoid the formation of mucinous cyst, try not to suck the cheek or lip membranes.
mucinous cyst
Mucinous Cyst Treatment
Giving treatment to the mucinous cyst is necessary to avoid the irritation caused by it. Once it is confirmed that the fluid filled sac is the mucinous cystadenoma, you can leave it alone and allow it to rupture by its own. It will usually rupture without any external intervention. If you want the mucinous cyst to be removed, then approach a medical practitioner and get it removed. The procedure includes opening of the fluid filled mucinous cyst using a sterile needle. Do not try to perform this at home as this may result in infection and may cause damage to the tissues of the mouth. You can also approach dental or oral surgeons to get the mucinous cyst removed.

There are usually no complications associated with this mucinous cyst. As the exact cause of this problem is not known yet, there are no particular preventive measures to this problem of mucinous cyst. Doctors can easily diagnose mucinous cyst without doing any typical tests. Do not try to rupture the mucinous cyst in the mouth of the children at home as this may lead to complications like infections if rupturing is not done in sterile conditions.

Mucinous Cyst
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